aaand finished Baekhyun ! god i sewar he is one of the worst to draw from all exo =______=

okkk I’ve finished Kai <3 ~

Dawing Jongin this time ! and watching The walikng Dead

Some bacgrounds I did for the exam, and actually never showed on it so ye XD. but I thought I’d share

yea tried to draw sehun~

aaaand I’ve finished !

Taemin form his new MV Danger. ~

draaawing and watching The Walking Dead ~

Taemin from Shinee this time

I no longer have strenght to play with making him look like himself =___= so  here is the final form…

Chanyeol from Exo.

Some sketches ~ I only took photos with my camera… of well I mus stry to get my hands on my scanner soon <3 

Some unfinished/sketchy things that I’ve done more or less ( rather less lol ) recently and forgot to upload…

mostly some derpy sketches of exo ( and of course I had to draw at least once my beloved OC Huang <3 ) because I got reaaaallly deep int o fandom :I !